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The Essential Mobile App for ClickBank Vendors and Affiliates

Clickbank Mobile App is the essential Clickbank App for vendors and affiliates. If you use Clickbank for online marketing and would like to keep track of your stats and real-time analytics data, you cannot afford not to have this app installed on your iPhone or Android mobile device.

Clickbank Mobile App

If you are in the market for a Clickbank mobile app, there is really only one option, and that is the Clickbank Dashboard App. This is the only app that will display all your dashboard sales, refund, and chargeback data and make it accessible on iOS and Android devices. Clickbank vendors and affiliates have been wanting to access their Clickbank accounts on mobile devices for many years, and while several apps have come and gone (CBAPP and Check CB for example) these have all eventually fizzled out due to various fatal flaws in programming and scaleability.

Clickbank App is Finally Here

Clickbank Dashboard App gives Clickbank users a mobile app that actually solves the problem of accessing their dashboards on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This was simply not possible with the Clickbank standard desktop interface, nor with the other Clickbank apps that have tried to address these issues in the past.
  • What sets this app apart?
  • Real-time Clickbank stats from your account
  • Push notifications for affiliate sales and vendor sales events
  • Pro version allows you to add multiple Clickbank accounts to your app dashboard
  • Clickbank mobile app interface to check your refund rate and transaction quality
  • Every Clickbank user should seriously consider downloading this app. It solves a great deal of problems that most Clickbank sellers are struggling with on a daily basis.
  In order to start using the Clickbank Dashboard App, you will need to find your account keys. This will allow the app to access the data contained in your Clickbank account and feed it to you. Whether you are a vendor or affiliate, everyone will find value in this Clickbank App. There are many uses for it and you will be able to check your data on the go on your iPhone or Android devices flawlessly. If you ask us, it’s about time Clickbank went mobile!

Real-Time Stats

Track your daily, up-to-the-minute ClickBank stats or filter to review past sales data.

Transaction Details

​Your affiliate or vendor transaction data beautifully displayed in a user-friendly interface.

Full Analytics Suite

See your top performing offers and analyze your data with relevant filters

Multiple Accounts and Roles

Whether you’re a vendor, affiliate, or both, manage unlimited ClickBank accounts and roles with a simple swipe.

clickbank mobile app

​ClickBank Dashboard is Currently Under Development for iOS and Android Devices

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